Tissue Viability Webinar

Prevention, diagnosis and management of pressure ulcers

Online | Tuesday 28 March, 14:00
Free to attend

Pressure ulcers – back to basics

Since It's estimated that just under half a million people in the UK will develop at least 1 pressure ulcer in any given year, all nurses need to be always aware of prevention as well as knowledge on the treatment of pressure sores.

This event will focus on prevention, diagnosis and management of pressure ulcers, including:

  • Pressure ulcer aetiology and categorisation
  • Using the aSSKINg Framework to support pressure ulcer prevention in practice
  • Distinguishing moisture associated skin damage from pressure damage

Learning outcomes

Understand what causes pressure ulcers and their categories. Learn how to use the aSSKINg care bundle as a tool. Ensure you can tell the difference between moisture lesion and pressure sores.

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