Nursing Times Clinical Skills

The Nursing Times Clinical Skills Series is a year-long programme of events with regular and free to attend webinars. It is a place where the nursing profession can connect with like-minded colleagues to share learning, experiences and ideas.

Staying up to date with core clinical competencies is a priority and challenge for all nurse managers, leaders and nurses. Nursing Times has created this series of events to bring the nursing community together to advance and support clinical skills learning and development. The content presented across the series of events will help all nursing staff with their need to have a sufficient standard of proficiency to practice confidently, efficiently and safely.

Upcoming events

Due to unforseen circumstances, the Medicines Management & Optimisation Webinar due to take place on Wednesday 6 December, 14:00 been cancelled. 

Previous Events

Urinary Catheterisation Webinar

Free to watch on demand

This webinar looked at Urinary Catheterisation focusing on assessment skills and National recommendations on inserting and removing catheters.

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Tissue Viability Webinar

Free to watch on demand

This webinar focused on prevention, diagnosis and management of pressure ulcers, including aetiology and categorisation and the aSSKINg Framework.

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Indwelling urinary catheterisation
of patients with specific needs Webinar

Free to attend

Explore strategies and adaptations to ensure safe and appropriate catheterisation for individuals with diverse anatomical variations and needs.

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Infection Prevention & Control Webinar

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This webinar will focus on the basics of IPC, standard infection control precautions (SICPs) and transmission-based precautions.

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Why attend?

The Nursing Times Clinical Skills Series of events has been designed to ensure all nursing staff have sufficient standards of proficiency to operate confidently, efficiently and safely. Topics covered by our webinars include:

  • Prevention, diagnosis and management of pressure ulcers 
  • Urinary Catheterisation assessment skills and national recommendations on insertion and removal
  • Sepsis, recognising the signs and escalating
  • Indwelling urinary catheterisation of patients with specific needs
  • Type 2 diabetes management
  • Infection prevention & control 
  • Medicines management and optimisation

Within the Nursing Times Clinical Skills Series, you will have the opportunity to collectively lead on helping the nursing workforce to improve standards of proficiency and bridge the clinical skills gap.

By registering for at least one event this year, we will give you access to:

  • Our virtual event platform, your place to watch content live and on-demand
  • Hundreds of like-minded colleagues from across NHS, acute, community and independent healthcare providers 
  • The opportunity to collaborate with both public and private providers, addressing common challenges, sharing solutions and formulating action plans
  • Innovative solutions provided by thought leaders in this space
  • Earn CPD points, an attendance certificate will be sent to all attendees post event

Sponsors & Partners

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